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Terms Of Agreement - Transcript Order Forms

Updated: 07/16/2020


A. This order form is a binding agreement between the above listed law firm ("Buyer") and Lawyers’ Reporting, Inc. ("Seller"). If the above listed company is a PL, PLLC, LLC, LLP, etc., this agreement will bind the above listed contact personally ("Buyer").

B. Buyer acknowledges the opportunity to a written price estimate prior to ordering any/all goods and/or services from seller. Buyer agrees to pay seller's charges, fees and/or rates for goods and/or services and these are fair and reasonable. Buyer agrees that seller will not modify or eliminate any/all seller's charges, fees and/or rates after the buyer has placed this order and that any/all sales from the seller are final.

C. Buyer agrees to pay any/all additional fees/charges applied to any/all orders other than 10+ Business Days (Standard Delivery) in section 3 including additional services in section 2. If no delivery is selected in section 3, buyer agrees this order will be 10+ Business Days . Buyer agrees that any/all delivery modifications requested after this order is placed are new orders with no prorated credit from this order.

D. Buyer agrees that any/all orders for copy transcript(s) can only be placed if the original transcript(s) exists or is in production. Buyer agrees that copy transcript(s) ordered for delivery prior to the original order(s) delivery requires the buyer to pay the seller's standard copy rates plus the difference between the original standard rates and rush rates. This applies only when original order(s) are in production.

E. Buyer agrees to word indexes as part of the total page count for any/all of seller's transcripts. Buyer agrees to pay for any/all documents, such as marked/unmarked exhibits provided to seller for this order unless buyer provides writen notice prior to seller's start of production. Buyer agrees not to provide this order in part or whole to any other parties/counsel without seller's explicit written permission.

F. Buyer agrees to pay any/all of seller's invoice(s) for this order(s) in full within 30 calendar days of the invoice date, C.O.D. or pre-payment including any/all of seller's existing unpaid invoice(s). Buyer agrees that any/all payment terms are at the sole discretion of the seller only. Buyer agrees that if any/all of seller's invoice(s) to buyer are not paid within 30 calendar days, that buyer will pay a monthly non-compounding interest rate of 1.5% for each invoice(s), plus any/all administrative or legal fees incurred by the seller in attempting to collect payment(s) on any/all unpaid invoice(s) that have not been paid withing 30 calendar days. Buyer agrees that payment for seller's invoice(s) for our goods and/or services is not contingent upon any third party (including buyer's) client(s) reimbursement. Buyer agrees that any/all of the seller's invoices are the ultimate responsibility of the buyer to pay in full to the seller. Buyer acknowledges seller's invoice(s) are attached to any and all transcripts delivered to buyer.

G. Cancellation of the buyer's order must be in writing and either faxed or emailed to the seller. Upon seller's approval of the buyer's cancellation, the buyer agrees to pay any/all of seller's charges, fees and/or rates for work completed up to the date and time of cancellation.

H. In addition to those charges set forth in paragraph 4F, buyer agrees to pay any/all seller's collection fees including legal fees, costs and administrative fees if a lawsuit has to be filed to obtain payment of any invoice. The venue for any/all disputes will be in Palm Beach County, FL.

I. This contract supersedes any and all prior or contemporaneous oral or written statements, understandings or agreements with respect thereto. No amendment to or modification of this agreement will be binding unless in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of the parties.

J. Buyer acknowledges these terms of agreement are posted publicly online at

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